Vegetation Management

Whitlock Air Service, Inc. offers multiple forms of vegetation management to various customers. Our vegetation management services started with airports. Given our close relationships with local airports, and that all our employees are airport and airplane friendly, it was a perfect fit. We apply herbicides and growth regulators to cut costs of mowing while making airport grounds esthetically pleasing. 

We have now moved into utility right of way spraying, offering various forms of application such as cut stump and high and low volume foliar spraying. We are establishing a great relationship with local utility co-ops and providers in our area. 

Ranchers are at the heart of our business, and selective tree spraying is big business for us. We send labor crews out into range and pasture areas and spot spray invasive and unwanted trees. We use trucks, atvs, and even backpack sprayers depending on the scope of the job to deliver the most efficient and effective way to deliver results.