Aerial Services


Herbicide Application

We apply herbicides during the growing season to combat against unwanted weeds and grasses that infiltrate crops. We spray herbicides on range and pastures to eliminate noxious weeds and invasive plants. Herbicide applications are also used to control brush and woody plant species. 

Insecticide Application

When the bugs start swarming and attacking crops we are there. Army worms can wipe out a field in a matter of hours, so we stay on alert ready to eradicate insects. 

Fungicide Application

When April arrives we start one of our largest seasons of aerial spraying. Growers in our area apply fungicides to their wheat, and the airplanes are the fastest and most efficient way to get the job done. We also apply fungicide on corn and soybeans as needed throughout the growing season.

Aflatoxin Prevention

Most Texas corn producers face alpha-toxin problems. Whitlock Air Service is equipped to apply Afla-Guard or AF-36 to treat for alpha-toxin.

Fertilizer Application

When the fields are saturated, the terrain gets steep and deep, and the ground machines are out, Whitlock Air Service is there to apply all of your dry fertilizers. We are equipped to handle and load large volumes of fertilizer and quickly get products from storage to the field. 

Seed Application

As fall approaches and the Texas pastures are covered in cactus and mesquite trees, we come in and overseed winter grazing blends to provide ranchers the vegetation their cattle need. Just like with the fertilizer, we have the equipment to handle and apply various forms of seed.