Whitlock Air Service is a Texas registered corporation that is in the aerial application and vegetation management business. We serve producers throughout North Texas with a variety of agricultural application services. Whitlock Air Service also offers commercial application services to Municipalities and Utility Districts in our area. Whitlock Air Service brings over a century of combined experience in application services to our customers.

    Whitlock Air Service owns and operates three aircraft that vary from large to small, allowing us to be efficient in the services that we provide. During the growing season, when the jobs are large and the demands are high, we bring in other aircraft to help fulfill the growers’ needs. Along with airplanes, we use trucks and support equipment to effectively provide our services. Specialized trucks for loading granular fertilizers and seeds, and trailers that mix chemicals and adjuvants together are just a few of the things it takes to make the operation work. 

    Whitlock Air Service applies a broad spectrum of commercial and agricultural products.  All the products Whitlock Air Service applies are approved and monitored by federal and state agencies, which we are registered and licensed with, and applied within the chemical label requirements. 

    Whitlock Air Service, Inc. offers municipalities, counties or any entity effective mosquito control solutions. Mosquito-borne diseases are a clear and present danger today, and we have put together a service that we think can benefit the people, municipalities, and counties of our region effectively and efficiently combating mosquitoes.

   Whitlock Air Service has incorporated offering vegetation management services. We operate specialized ground application equipment to offer the best results to our customers. Our vegetation management services started with airports. Given our close relationships with local airports, and that all our employees are airport and airplane friendly, it was a perfect fit. We apply herbicides and growth regulators to cut costs of mowing while making airport grounds esthetically pleasing. We have now moved into utility right of way spraying, offering various forms of application such as cut stump and high and low volume foliar spraying. We are establishing a great relationship with local utility co-ops and providers in our area. 

    Whitlock Air Service currently has three full time employees, two part time employees, and multiple contract pilots that are seasonal.

    Whitlock Air Service is a father and son owned company that successfully serves customers in our region but is always ready to grow and adapt to offer a competitive service in the evolving world.